Saturday, 3 August 2013

Street Scene... Coffee

What's it All About?

Yes we're talkin coffee...

We have used C Houses for a long time now - to have meetings, conduct interviews, do photo shoots for book reviews, for inspiration for illustration or just generally watching the world go by. This is why we thought we would give something back and do a feature on our favourite beverage.

How it Starts

The beans on the tree is the beginning of this story but how and where? In order find the best beans you have to travel to the far reaches of the planet. Secluded forests like ones in Panama, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia etc are the ones to aim for. The only down side is there are dangerous implications with cannabis farms in those regions and mega drug cartels in control of a lot of the areas where coffee is being grown.

Coffea Arabica: Arabica Beans are a species of coffee plant and are renowned to be the best tasting.

So in order to get the best beans the risks are high... more to your mug of brew than you thought eh!

De-Husk and Wash

This process is self explanatory really, these little babies are relieved of their protective covers. They are  then washed and dried in the sun on large tables, lovingly turned by hand till all the moisture has gone.

Roast Me

After the sun does it's thing, the hot coals take over and the humble coffee bean is roasted but not overdone, until they can be crushed easily.

Umm... the Final Product.

Once roasted they are ground into a fine powder and are ready to be added to hot (not just boiled or it will taste bitter) water for approximately 4 minutes, for the ultimate taste sensation.


Next time find out what our friendly local coffee houses are serving up and what coffees we are supping at the moment...

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