Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Urbexing with Fiona Milne

Spent a pleasant evening watching CoLor Art create this piece. If we'd got in the place we were supposed to be going, we'd have been stuck there overnight, because apparently that place gets locked up!

Spiderman piece by Trik9

Cracking Boms piece for a new Urban Art Space at the Nichols Building. (Link at bottom of post)

Mila K, producer of mental but beautiful works, makes my brain ache again. Devnonshire Green Skate Park.

This is what happens when you have a bet with your mate and your mate is a graffiti artist.

This would have been one of my favourite pieces of the year,but sadly was gone over within 24 hours of it being completed and I never got a shot of it.

Knuckles by Trik9, super talented artist and really good guy, heavily involved in bringing urban arts and culture to young people. (Link at bottom of post, for more)

Collaboration between Mis Red Art and RiseOne

Toupe, more usually seen in the northeast, recently paid a visit to Sheffield.

Work in progress, with Jaya and Kory

Nichols Building... HERE
Trik9 - Break Out Kids... HERE

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