Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Discovery

What The... ?

These extremely tall beings are thought to be from the Wudataceous period, they were found on an Ostrich Farm in Papua, New Guinea. Standing at least 3 metres tall they were thought to be berry feeders and were able to pick fresh fruit and horse chestnuts. They also taunt low-flying creatures that rely on the same food sources. 

They were buried facing each other in the fetal position and were found to have numerous bird skeletons on their grave top. This was thought to be retribution from the bird community for how they were treated when they were alive. Myth says that for 300 days and nights the birds would spit, swear and defecate on the grave till the earth turned black!

Unusual things to note: The female gives birth through a trap door situated in her right arm pit. The male urinates through his nipples and can alternate between them by contracting the muscles in his forearms... would have played havoc with keepin his T shirt clean though!

Ha ha, seriously though folks, we snuck into someone's garden to get a shot of these chain saw sculptures... Nice.

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