Friday, 3 August 2012

Flesh Cut Fridays with Luci westphal

Tiergarten (animal garden) is a large park in the center of Berlin. It was first established as the king's hunting grounds in 1527.

Unlike the more party-type parks, like Goerlitzer Park and Volkspark Friedrichshain, Tiergarten seems very mellow, cool, green, and lush. A real treat on a hot day.

It's so vast, you can just keep getting lost among the canopied paths to discover yet another lawn or yet another statue.

The sightings of rabbits and a fox were special treats. The sighting of the nudists right by the Siegessaeule Statue (Goldene Else) I will spare you this time.

Statues in the video show Mozart and Beethoven, another one is Goethe. The grey block with video is the memorial for homosexuals prosecuted during the Nazi regime.

Big thank you to David of the andBerlin blog, who first discovered the Stand By Me Tree (and wrote a post about Tiergarten) and who went back to the park twice with me to show me the exact location. And I'm not mad that the first day we actually stood about 100 feet away from it already... looking right "at it"...


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