Friday, 31 August 2012

Hang Outs... Victoria, Australia

Bambi This Weekend

31st August 2012

 Like Banksy, a number of Bambi fakes have begun to appear on the market. Metro is proud to be listed as a registered Bambi exhibitor. While Bambi's identity is unknown, the artist did tell a local newspaper, "I like to entertain and amuse people with my art. I know what I do is illegal. It's criminal damage, I can get very nervous when I'm out working, often in the early hours. The trouble is I have never been able to resist a blank wall." One of Bambi's more recent stencils featured a young Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, with the tagline 'Diamonds are a girls best friend'.

Bambi's works will be on display at Metro Gallery this weekend, we look forward to seeing you!

More info... HERE

1214 High Street,
Victoria 3143


  1. Bambi Street Artist been dubbed 'the female Banksy', making headways in the artworld. More recently celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Adele and Brad Pitt to name some who have added works to their prominent collections. Bambi believes in freedom of speach and for this respects Ai Wei Wei the Chinese artist activist fully. Bambi's original works of art can be seen at their exclusive agents Walton Fine Arts London, where works come and go in a rather incognito manor, somewhat like Bambi herself :)

  2. Bambi's Neighhh a rather whimsicle horse is great as i love horses!

  3. Wow I love Bambi's I wish is this an original and how can I buy one?