Thursday, 12 July 2012

News From Sheffield, UK... Jammin!

Sheffields Graff Jam 
that wasn't a Jam 7th July 2012

RDC would like to welcome Fiona Milne to the Team. 

Fiona is now our intrepid reporter and the eyes and ears for Sheffield, UK and surrounding areas. There is loads of ace stuff goin down there and we are grateful that Fiona can take the time to keep Sheffield in the picture (check out more of Fiona's urbexing at bottom of post). 

She attended a Jam last Saturday...

Sharrow Festival, including Suchs' Graff jam, was cancelled due to the weather. Following some discussions at the Hidden Sheffield Exhibition and a little chatter on Facebook rough arrangements were made to go ahead anyway.

We went down to check it out.
Although not as many artists and writers as for the full Jam, there was a real good turn out of the local boys. Painting at the courts were Crome, Kode, Lone, Duse and Dyel. Skint, CoLor, Acab, Drot, Saer, Meth Blak, Narke and Alude.

There was a good atmosphere, no-one had been sure who would turn up, there was a real impromptu feel about it all.

 It was cool to see the old school guys painting alongside the younger crews, having a good crack, and producing some great pieces. We should not have a jam more often.

For more on Fiona go... HERE

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