Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Factory Fresh

Sheffield, UK Bound 2

We hooked up with one of the RDC Crew from Sheffield, Fiona Milne and Bob just recently. This intrepid Urbexer was kind enough to show us around her local spots and what a joy they were!
We hit an ace stone building first which has been empty for sometime but by gum it was an nice spot to explore.
On the day we checked in on numerous places and this is the 2nd post of a few, so keep um glued

Take a peak at what we saw...
 Shady One.

 One of Faunagraphics on the peel... Dang!

 Oopsy this isn't Rocket it's Clem Alice's work... sorry folks.

 CoLor's a pigeon fancier.

Thanks to Fiona and Bob for a great day out!

Art, that great undogmatized church.
John F. Kennedy

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