Friday, 13 July 2012

Apologies to You and NASS

Apologies to You and NASS

We know we said we would bring you all the action from NASS this year but due to unforseen  circumstances we had to abandon ship. 

OK, it's time to explain - at about 3pm on Friday it started to rain and after we watched the skate practice sess and after some food we hacked back to our tent. However it wasn't a pretty sight, the tent was leakin like a sieve and our sleeping bags and clothes were soaked. After pondering the situation and not wanting to let you guys and Relentless down we decided to buy a new pop-up tent from the local camp shop. After installing the tent we decided to chill for a few hours. 

By 3am the bands had played their last chords and it was time for a kip, after bunkin down we just managed to get an hour's zz's when the new tent we were in, started to take on water! 

A decision had to be made either to stay and ride out the incessant rain or ditch and go before our digital equipment started to suffered from the tidal wave weather.

So big apologies go out:
⁍To you. 
⁍Relentless/NASS for giving us the opportunity to go.
⁍Bullet dogcams for lending us two cams to do tests on at NASS.
⁍And to the person who sold us the £30 pop-up tent. They came in for some major verbal abuse   after our second and final pair of undies got soaked!
⁍Finally to Sum 41 for missing their 5.15pm interview slot on the Saturday... dang we are bad ass bastards!

Skate Final

BMX Final

For the finally word go to NASS Results... HERE

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