Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Movie for Roger Gastman

Fund Raising

Hello RDCer's

I am writing with an update on the WALL WRITERS film and to let you know we have a Kickstarter to raise the funds to get it out to the world.

Why a Kickstarter for the Film you ask?
I have had several distribution offers in the past few weeks. While the distribution is great, the money is not. As I'm sure you all know the stock footage and post production work on this film is not cheap.

So far I have funded the project 100% myself and will be very happy to just break even on it. To be able to make the right decision about the distribution I don’t want money to dictate it. Therefore I have decided to do a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds I had hoped for from a distributor. I can assure you this money is 100% going towards getting the film out there and nothing more.

I would very much appreciate if you post this where ever you can – and pass it on to anyone that you know that is interested in the true history of graffiti. Oh yeah – John Waters did the voice over!

Thank You


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