Wednesday, 11 July 2012

RDC Documentary

Collecting Footage and Images

RDC was asked by a young filmmaker Chevy Thompson (above), if we were happy to have a documentary made about the Rad Dad Collective?

We were well chuffed with the idea and were happy to have him follow us around with his Cannon camera switching between photo and footage modes.
Our first outing with Chevy was yesterday, we took him to one of our favourite out of city hang outs, the Dye Works which has been featured on the Factory Fresh posts numerous times in the past.

After showing him around the Crew got to work in a large hanger type building situated on the northern edge of the site. Nick Hersey did an installation which included a tap, various brackets and lengths of string and after that, picked up a paint brush and stroked some wall.

Meanwhile RD took up some spray cans and went to work on a ladybird image. 

Before we left one of the guys had an idea to spray lines on the concrete floor while being pushed around in an old wooden trolly, that didn't work especially well and soon after the wooden slates holding the trolly together snapped and someone ended up using their ass as an efficient brake.

After a few hours of art and larking about it was time for a coffee stop and a chat, then the journey home.

Keep an eye out for more to come...

Thanks to Chevy for this image


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