Thursday, 26 July 2012

Street Shots

Good Mornin All

We managed to hit the streets before the sun melted our faces and sprayed this up, just for you. 
By the way, didn't yeh know "Chapped lips are a form of weakness"!

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  1. Talk us through this please rad dad?

  2. Hey Mr Brainwash, thanks for your enquiry.

    Yes of course - a few years ago a so called friend let me down BIG time. He used to use lip balm on a regular basis and that memory made a negative impression on my psyche hence the comment, " Chapped lips are a form of Weakness".

    I love LadyBirds, they add a splash of colour to the urban environment. They are also formidable and ferocious carnivores and pose a threat to many insects.

    The illustration, 'LadyBird on a Chap Stick' is for me, a coming to terms with the back stabbing which occur by this person!

    A sort of beauty overtaking the beast, so to speak... (nothing against Chap Stick of course, it's great product)!

    Hope that explains things?


  3. Great story, thanks for opening up. Does all of your art have such deep meaning? Keep up the great work, I hope to see an exhibition soon, as my work started much like you and is now critically acclaimed globally.

  4. Ha ha... no, not all my work is that deep but art is very useful as a release valve sometimes. Thanks very much for your words of support.

    If you would like to send us over some new stuff your working on for the Rad Dad Collective please feel free, we will put up a few posts for you.
    Send it to email:

    Thanks again

  5. Nice to see your work is becoming more concept based. Cheers for the mention!