Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Skateboarding Arts

Skateboard Artists Residency At Bisar, Berlin

RD: We though this would be interesting to some of you.

Our friend Dave The Chimp is studying here and you too could have an opportunity to study art, with the main emphasis on skateboarding... sounds cool - read on☋

The BISAR project is a production of the Oxylane Art Foundation that began in January 2011 in Berlin. BISAR is centered on a residence for artists from different horizons who will spend six months working within a vibrant, shared space, open onto a city that is sensitive to contemporary forms of expression and to the public.
The ambition of this art project is to encourage mutual influences and the emergence of specific forms of synergy around a single subject of study – skateboarding.

An ideal context

Berliners have a strong sense of belonging to their city, and dialogue between artists and the city is especially intense. The city is their playground, and the artistic limits between public space and private space are undefined. Skateboarding is highly popular and is experienced in and with the city. It is considered a sport and a means of transportation, but also a lifestyle. In order to explore all facets of the theme and espouse its urban dimensions, participation by Berlin’s citizens and their interactions with the artists are essential.

An open residence

The resident artists’ studios are located within the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, an exhibi- tion space for contemporary art in the city’s centre, and are open to the public throughout the duration of the project. It is a vibrant space that will serve as the venue for several exceptional evening events and a three-month-long cycle of conferences on skateboarding, presenting texts, videos, and discussions featuring artists, sociologists, urban planners, etc. It will also be an opportunity to propose a busy calendar of events intended to empower the exterior to enter into the interior and into close contact with the creative process.
The city is their playground, and the artistic limits between public space and private space are undefined.

A polyhedral group

To this end, BISAR provides a space dedicated to welcoming and nurturing any and all forms of inspiration and expression stemming from or related to skateboards and skateboarding. To facilitate blending of the different disciplines and artistic interaction, the art foundation has invited six polymorphous artists. Two video artists, a composer, a visual artist, an illustrator and a cartoonist will be free to explore their perceptions of skateboarding and mix their approaches.

For further information, please contact:
Renald Cuzacq presse@fondation-art-oxylane.com or by phone at +33 (0) 6 29 86 25 67

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  1. you've misunderstood
    it's not a study course, it is (was) an artist residency program
    there was a group of artists making art with the theme of skateboarding for 6 months, and what they made will be shown for 6 weeks from September 9th
    there was a series of lectures, talks, exhibitions, movies etc every week for 4 months, open to the public, plus a few other events like a skateboard graphics workshop for kids, a ghetto wrestling party, and the band Hobo Combo playing their own interpretation of the soundtrack to the Blind "Video Days" film

  2. Thanks for the clarifying that Dave ☋

    The Collective