Thursday, 11 August 2011

Flesh Cuts

Three For View
Inspiration from Relentless

Our friends at 'Relentless Energy Drinks' are running a "Short Stories Competition" and sent over some example of what people have sent in so far.

Well edited and inspirational with the starring characters full of passion for the things they love to do - these vids may just kick start your day!

Time to sit back, crack open a tin and enjoy...

All In: Lennie Burmeister and Christoph 'Willow' Wildgrube
Edit: Relentless Energy

The Pit
Edit: Relentless Energy

The Road: Frank Turner
Edit: Relentless Energy

For more on the "Short Stories Comp", click the can...

RD: Thanks goes out to Fiona M and Dan C for hookin us up - may the ummm... energy be with you.

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