Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hang Outs... Mermaid Beach, Australia

Exhibitions for September

Three Artists for Your Delectation

Sunday 18th September from 10-12pm
Light refreshments + drinks will be provided
Please RSVP by 10th September.

Exhibits until 8th October 2011.

Beck Wheeler:
Domesticated Does - 2011
Found object sculpture
Between 16 x 11 cm and 29 x 18 cm

Beck Wheeler:

Mad Men meets Masterchef in Beck Wheeler’s new exhibition ‘Tarts and Flours’. Unleashing her inner domestic goddess, Beck has created paintings and sculptures inspired by her time in the kitchen and a love for everything 1950s. “This show visually explores the domestic goddess within me. The works all use baking as a starting point for development. Each painting is its own journey through my kitchen,” she says. Beck Wheeler works across the fields of painting, sculpture and digital media. She uses high quality acrylic paints and recycles wooden panels, found objects and used kitchen utensils to create her art.

Kate McCarthy:
Grape Ape - 2011
Acrylic, oil, aerosol on canvas
100 x 100 cm

Kate McCarthy:

‘The Fellows and The Bloodies’ is Kate McCarthy’s fourth solo show full of quirky and unusual characters crafted in shapes and pattern that stem from her flawless talent to capture the imagery of youth. The true beauty of her art is the way it can transport the viewer back to an age of innocence, youth and exploration. “I use repetitive pattern and references to shapes that trigger emotion in the audience only by default - what connects all of us comes from TV shows, books and characters from infancy and childhood,” she says.

Mica Still:
Dream Eater - 2011
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 76cm

Mica Still:

In the dead of the night, in Mica Still’s head, animals in psychedelic colours come to life. These mystical creatures, some bears some lions, are her muses. But now they are gone and Mica’s solo show ‘Runaway With Me’ is a wistful recollection of her ‘dream memory’, her search for the colourful visions that inspire her to create. “I have always had bear dreams since I was younger- nightmares were the curse of my childhood. I never needed them when I was young but then when I started to rely on them for my creative outlet they decided to take a holiday,” Mica said.


FREE Artist Talk with exhibitors Beck Wheeler, Kate McCarthy + Mica Still
These 3 emerging artists will speak about various aspects of their arts practice including;
inspiration + themes, work processes, education + training and more.
A must see for students, artists and collectors.

For More:

19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace
19 Karen Ave (off Cronulla Ave)
Mermaid Beach, QLD, 4218

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