Sunday, 7 August 2011

Keepin Up With...CAMILLA d'ERRICO

Hi everyone,

Even though San Diego Comic-Con just ended, we're onto the Helmetgirl Costplay Walkoff in a couple weeks, and then to Fan Expo in Toronto. What a busy summer!

Comic-Con was great, and highlights included: the DIY Kuro vinyl toys based on the Tanpopo series, the successful funding of Womanthology, the soon-to-be-released Color Ink Book, the alternative cover to the Grant Morrison documentary Talking with Gods, and the Catwoman, Cyclops and Phoenix sketches, originals of which will soon be available for auction on the CBLDF's eBay page.

As announced in San Diego, starting Monday, August 8th, MTV Geek will begin running Tanpopo for free, releasing sections of the book each week on the MTV Geek website until the first three volumes are completed!

In celebration of the new website, and of the various new projects in 2011, all mini-prints are now on-sale for a special 2 for $30 price! Details of the sale, as well as examples of the new prints can be found here.

Thank you so much for all of your support! This year has been amazing!


d'Errico Studios

Look at our view with Cammy...Here.

thanks to cammy d' for the pics

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