Friday, 5 August 2011

Keepin Up With...Phlegm

Eyes in the Vines

It's really not easy making books. After weeks of grafting away printing folding and stapling they are done.

...but I'm now away painting, so i can't release them until i get back. The date to pop in your calender is the 17th of August. The edition size is 300 so they won't sell out like Glastonbury don't need to sit there clicking refresh all day. The books will be £10 each. I've also done some of them with a single colour cover for anyone short on cash. Those will be £6.00 each

click to enlarge.

I'll post the full set of pictures when i put it in the shop on the 17th. This is a detail of the repeat pattern covers. A kind of William Morris wall paper with eyes in the vines.

Right. Time to paint.

x phlegm x

RD: thanks to Phlegm and his blog

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