Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Murals Under Threat

Os Gȇmeos Bomb Scottish Castle

Kilburn Castle, Largs, Ayrshire

Patrick Boyle The Earl of Glasgow asked the Brazilian brothers Os Gȇmeos to paint his 13th century castle while it was under restoration.

"Historic Scotland" gave the go ahead for the castle to remain painted for only 3 years, with the proviso to convert it back to its original state, as it's a grade 1 listed building.
In 2007 the Os Gȇmeos (Portuguese for the twins) started and completed the work which cost£20.000.

Now that the 3 years is up, the Earl (who's family has lived in the castle for 800 years) has ask permission for the mural to stay up.

He says, "In the three years that the mural has been on the castle it has attracted enormous interest from around the world and is loved by anyone who sees it. It has become a landmark and a talking point and it has given the castle and estate a whole new character".

Only last month the castle murals were deemed one of the world's best top 10 examples of street art by author and designer Tristan Manco.

images courtesy of universal news and sport, Alamy, William Thornton, and PA.

We will watch what happens
and keep y'all in the loop...

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