Monday, 3 September 2012

Street Shots

Graff Spottin with Fiona Milne
UK - Notts Property

Throughout August Nottingham, UK has had a variety of Street Art / Graffiti events taking place, we jumped on a train and made it over for Russells Graff Jam at the Famous Russells Youth Club.

Artists included Cruel 103, Kemef Inc, Emptea, Lost, Mila K, CoLor, Nawt, Amos and many more. Dilk, renowned artist and one of the organisers of the event nobly chose not to paint so there was more space for the other guys. There were at least 24 painters/ writers doing there thing with music provided by Big Trev, whose studio is in the Youth Club building

It was a really good event with a great atmosphere local lads and international artists working side by side, a real mix of styles and skills. So glad we got to see this awesome event, we can't wait till the next one!

To see a historical city like Nottingham embrace so much of the positive side of street culture is really inspiring, it would be amazing if more cities could follow there lead.

Fiona M

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