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Hang Outs... New York

 What's the Story?
At Rare Gallery

 Triscuit in a bush. Huey Crowley

RDC: Try and get along to this one... it should be a cracker!

September 6  (reception 6pm-8pm)– October 4, 2012
RARE is pleased to present What's the Story?, an exhibition of new paintings by Huey Crowley, Dawn Frasch, Luis Rafael Galvez, and Emet Sosna. Each artist depicts visually and psychologically disturbing scenarios based on personal narratives, experiences, and back-stories. The show runs from September 6 through October 4, marking the start of RARE's 14th season and the artists' first exhibition at the gallery.

Crowley re-interprets popular childhood fairy tales through the eyes of those who never had these stories read to them as children. In his paintings, he imagines how one would envision such fables without having had the benefit of a role model to explain the morals they teach. Frasch looks back in time to early music, writing, and engravings to investigate how power was wielded and gives this theme a contemporary spin in paintings that explore power dynamics, particularly between men and women. In her magical worlds of violent upheaval, replete with colliding symbols of the feminine mystique and male dominance, Frasch demonstrates that the struggle for power is a never-ending, tumultuous battle.

Galvez describes his paintings as "contradictions" emanating from "the ugly randomness of life and the tranquil beauty of the world." Influenced by the humor- coated violence of American cartoons and the hauntingly religious Mexican holiday known as Day of the Dead, Galvez begins his paintings as short written narratives and then blacks out all but those words that spark compelling images, which he transcribes onto canvas in his patented pink tones. Sosna will combine various figurative painting traditions (with an emphasis on Magic Realism, Surrealism, Miniature Art, Japanese Scroll Painting, and traditional portraiture) in a single work to create a quasi-narrative that serves as a metaphor for the nature of self- expression. His paintings pose the question of whether the depiction of others is a form of the individual artist's expression or the result of pre-conceived notions based on previous depictions.

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RARE Gallery:
547 W 27 Street,
No. 514,
New York, 
New York 10001

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