Monday, 17 September 2012

Off The Shelf

Sticker Bomb Monsters
Publishers: Laurence King Press

This is truly a fun publication...

This new book includes weird and wonderful creatures which range from zombies, ghosts, spaghetti monsters and  love bugs.

As we all know, stickers are now an essential part of our everyday lives. Inexpensive and easy to produce they act as a business card for graffiti writers and an effective promo tool for 'getting the word out there'! You are no doubt going to find a sticker slap or a collection of stickers on a lamp post or a litter bin, which is always a highlight to any city visit.

This fully peelable sticker book has 250 stickers for you to slap up, by artists from around the world.

Lets peel back the covers, and check inside...

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