Friday, 21 September 2012

Flesh Cut Fridays with Luci Westphal

Viktoriapark is an urban park, which opened in the Kreuzberg neighborhood in 1894.

Its significant sights are the monument on top of the hill commemorating the liberation war during the Napoleonic Wars in and the artificial waterfall cascading down the same hill.

The park is also popular for its high views of Berlin, sunset lawns and, of course, a beer garden.

My personal favorite is the statue "Der Seltene Fang" ("The Rare Haul") by Ernst Herter, which I'd consider the sexiest statue I've seen in Berlin so far. Although I'm curious if others can be suggested. The other two statues featured I'd like to call the zombie and the vampire.
I'm dedicating this video to my friends Erni (aka HammerharterErni) and Digilinus, who have been through a lot lately and have been so gracious to me. Stay strong, Digi. Bleib stark, Erni.


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