Thursday, 6 September 2012

Graffiti Battle... Leamington Spa, UK

Ashes2Dust - Live Graff Battle
Eye-Witnessed and Reported by Fiona Milne

Live Graffiti Battle Featuring: TITLE, MAG1C, VOMIT, PALE,  CROM, DUSE, CoLor, and CRISP

Sheffield representatives Duse (WSK) and CoLor got up early Saturday morning collected yours truly and set off for Leamington Spa.

Originally organised as part of the Save Bath Place Campaign A2D became the last big bash for the building as it has now been sold to developers, leaving several valuable community groups and a cracking art gallery homeless. Politics aside, a great day was had, it was really cool to meet the other guys and watch them at work. The mighty Title and Vomit we had seen in action previously at Tamworth, Duse and CoLor worked together on awesome piece. Crisp (ably assisted by his Mrs!) painted in the day and deejayed at night, Crom was one of the coolest guys we ever met,with a very cool dog and Mag1c proved to be multi talented - artist, comedian, breakdancer - O yeah - and actor!
This felt like quite an intimate event, well attended by people who came for the day and many stayed into the night as the event moved indoors to DJ Soundsystem after dark.

The lovely Tim Robottom of Brink was an excellent host and we hope to be involved in any future events he organises.

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