Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Off The Shelf

The Art Of Tomer Hanuka
Publisher: Gingka Press

The artist Tomer Hanuka was born in Israel and is now based in New York City.
He is an illustrator and cartoonist who works with ad agencies, publishers and film studios from around the world. With clients which include big names like Nike, Microsoft, DC Comics and The New Yorker.

About the Book:
Very little writing in this title as Hanuka tends to let his art do the talking.

His pictures speak a thousand words and they are screaming out acts of:
bullying, sexuality, critique, gruesomeness, erotica, brutality, insanity, survival, war, holocaust, zombies, irony and orgies.

So don't let the placid pink cover fool you, when you venture into this book it is like venturing into some of your worst nightmares. Some of the nicer illustrations have idillic countryside settings but always with harrowing undertones.

Hanuka is a gold medal winner from both the Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication Designers.
He also won the British Design Museums Award for Penguin Classic Books Deluxe Edition in 2008.

A true eye opener for us and a credit to the skill and unique talent of this featured artist.

Not a lot more we can say really, time to let the publication do the talkin...

This book's got more to say on the logo

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