Sunday, 8 January 2012

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After The Laughter
The 2nd Book of Herakut
Author: Jasmin Siddiqui
Publisher: Publikat

Quote from the text "Luxury kills creativity."
Herrlich meaning wonderful in Deutsch..., that's how we would describe ATL!

Description of the word Herakut is as follows: Hera and Akut - two people, (painting people), (graffiti people), (friends).

Hera - she started graffin in her teens, with tags to begin with. She exclaims, "spray-can painting is like dancing not like sitting on a chair at a desk, solving math problems."

Akut - he started in a crew called 'Maclaim' which soon established itself with their own distinctive style.

Herakut - The two met up and shared a wall straight away, a great beginning to a truly gifted couple!

Catch up on the contents:
2004-2008 - (How it started).
2009- (How it almost ended).
2010- (Hope, doubt and that).
2011- (Braver than ever).
Thank yous
Outro (Vitae and stuff).

We couldn't wait to get our greedy mitts around this one and we're surely glad we did.
This title is enchanting yet austere , innocent yet corrupt, dirty yet with clean lines, a true 
sub-culture with a spine (oops, we've disappeared up our own back sides again). 
It's like you're really out on the streets looking at their work! 

We can't say much more than "feast on um below"...

thanks to Cupola Gallery of Sheffield UK S6 1TD... for the use of their premises for this shoot.

Hunt for Herakut on the insignia 

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