Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Products

Tees Up

Vikings of Skate got in touch to say their brand new t shirts are up and rollin as of now!

Al from VOS has been skating for many years, he started back in the 70's and has hit a lot of Parisian pools imitating his heroes,  Jay Adams, Micke Alba and Tony Alva who were pioneers of the  'Dog Town' scene in the States.

He decided to capitalised on his past experiences of skate knowledge and with his raw enthusiasum and design savy he brought out these factory fresh fabrics. With garment names like Broken, Code, Horns and Spine it should get your taste buds tingling.
If you're fancying something new to wear other than the mega brand names, give these home grown guys a go, they could use your support☋

RDC: Stay tuned, we will be doing a Street Test on these products soon...

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