Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hang Outs... Sheffield UK

Done and Dusted
Pete McKee Presents... Pub Scrawl 2012

The event was a massive success, the pubs the artists and the punters all had a great night. But the event wouldn't have happened at all if it wasn't for the tireless work of my team, Chris, Charley and Hannah, who between them made sure everything ran smoothly. They had been working on organising pub scrawl since October and the running of the night it's self was a logistical wonder, making sure the tour of 150 people managed to get around all pubs and see all the artists work.

We also had some great volunteers who helped on the night and without their support we could not have pulled it off.

Thornbridge brewery need a special mention as they donated some well needed cash for the artists to enable them to help fund their projects. And finally I have to thank the Artists and the Bars without who's cooperation and enthusiasm there wouldn't have been a Pub Scrawl.

Thanks to everyone who attended Pub Scrawl and enjoyed a night of culture and cultured drinking.

You can see photographs from the event from this Facebook page

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