Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Off The Shelf... Worldly Connections For You

We have connections with some super magazines and publishing companies from continents around the world.

With previews and reviews of these publiblications, we venture behind the covers and take a snapshot of the inside view. Then we wonder through the written word to give you a clue on what's up and running. Finally we tell you where you can purchase these lovelies because there is nothin like actually holding a cool mag in your hands and caressing the pages.

Ok now, we're getting mushy, best read on...

Juxtapoz is the leading North American art and culture magazine, it's been going for near on... years and features not just US based artists but class acts from all over the globe. We find it's a mag to look up to.

Monthly Issues - Look for the December review real soon.

The British VNA(Very Nearly Almost) magazine shows off a stunning array of graffiti talent from all over the county and around the world.

Quarterly Issues - Look out for the review in the coming months.

Our latest hook up, Graffiti Art magazine; with France as their base, they are in the perfect situation to be our European connection. Again not just European artists but you'll find articles from distant shores and we are sure you will love it. This mag also caters for French and English languages, a truly bilingual advantage.

Monthly Issue - review for December will appear over the next few weeks.

So ya see we are looking after yeh... stay tuned for loads of book reviews, previews and much more.

 Thanks a bunch for your support

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