Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hang Outs... Notts, Element Party

Element Store  
Opening Party, 26th November 2011.
Done and Dusted!

First of Two Posts

It took a few weeks for the builders to integrate some nifty internals to the brand new Element shop on Fletchergate in Nottingham, UK. With it finally completed a few days before the official opening, it was all hands on deck for the Two Seasons girls and boys to get the stock dusted down and placed in their new environment before the big opening party on the Saturday.

The Collective arrived about an hour before the launch at 12 o'clock to slam a few stickers around and get the Relentless Drinks unpacked and available for the thirsty. There were plenty of them, with at least 6 live soloists/bands rocking the joint, Dilk the graffiti artist sucking in fumes from the spray, DJ Kid Colours fingering the decks, customers gathering to peruse and purchase and at least 8 staff members running around with the aim to please.

A wicked and entertaining day was had by all that attended! 
If you couldn't make this one don't despair, there are plans to have another rocker of a day some time next year.

 Dilk, painting on the legal side of the street.

 Drummer from Kappa Gamma band juicing up.

 Plenty of visits to the stock room.

 Meet Mike...

Cap City.

Prelim sketches.

Dilk energised.

Best a buddies!

Get on the Logo to clock more stock.

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