Thursday, 3 November 2011

Off The Wall

Update Interview
A Catch Up With Craww

It's always good to do a catch up on an artist we really like. It's even better to do a catch-up on an artist who is doing a show (starts 5th November 2011) in Nottingham, UK  - which is near our hood.
The Collective had some unanswered questions hanging over from when we last spoke to this artist.  A guy who uses his own unique style and interpretation in his pieces.

So we meet up...

RDC: Hey Craww, long time no see, just a couple of basic questions so our readers can find out a little more about you. Where are you from please?

Originally Leicester, but I've called Sheffield my home for the past 15 years.

RDC: Could you describe what media you use?

Usually either graphite or Acrylics, or a combination of the two. I've been messing around with oils but I'm way off being anywhere near comfortable with them!

RDC: When we did our last interview (November 2010), you mentioned that you wanted to get out on the streets to do some graffiti, did you manage to do that?

Nope, there were a couple of things discussed, but nothing came of it. It would be fun to do, but it's not something I have any sort of background in and Sheffield's already got more than it's fair share of amazing talent.

RDC: Do you feel your work has changed at all over the last year and are you experimenting with any other styles right now?

I hope so! I think over the past year I've started to find my groove. There are recurrent themes, characters and narratives that have started to develop through my work.

Keeping a sketchbook helps immensely and with my latest work i'm trying to incorporate some of the qualities of my drawing, which tend to have a lot more detail and content into my paintings. It's a balancing act, trying to add more detail while retaining the ambiguity and randomness of my paintings, but I'm working on it!

RDC: We understand that you have had shows in a lot of foreign countries in the recent past.  Do you feel that Sheffield, UK still provides the stimulus that is required for your work?

Sheffield's my home, but I get stimulus from all over.

The recent trip to San Francisco was pretty inspirational, spending time with awesome artists like Handiedan, Tatiana Suarez and Charmaine Olivia, checking out a bunch of shows and meeting folk like Brett Amory and Alex Pardee was a real eye opener and really brought home how much amazing talent there is out there.

Much as I love it, I wouldn't get that kind of stimulus if I didn't look beyond Sheffield!

RDC: Have you had any new tattoos recently?

Aye. Stage one of a sleeve for my left arm complete. Saving up for the rest!

RDC: We mentioned about you hitting galleries in other countries, could you tell us where you have been over the past year and what shows you have coming up please?

Last year ended with a show at CAVE Gallery in LA. Since then i've been in a bunch of group shows at Phone Booth Gallery and Gallery 1988, both in LA. London Miles in London, the joint show at Spoke Gallery in San Francisco with Charmaine, Tatiana and Handiedan and my last show of the year is with George Thornton in Nottingham - a bit closer to home!

As for plans, I'm talking to a couple of people in the UK about shows for next year, but right now I'm focussed on new work for another show at CAVE in LA for early next year.

RDC: That sounds cool man, all the best with the shows and we will chat again at the preview in Notts... Thanks

All sketches and paintings on this post are on sale at George Thornton Gallery.
For more on George Thornton Gallery preview show and then some, go... Here

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