Monday, 28 November 2011

Off The Shelf

See No Evil
Author: Stephen Morris
Publisher: Tangent Books

A tasty little number called 'See No Evil' - it has some right crisp pictures for your visual pleasure.

The Bristol photographer Stephen Morris takes us on a JOURNEY OF INTENSE COLOUR, TEXTURE and ARTISTIC FURORE. See No Evil is taken from the event of the same name which is held in Bristol, UK each year. This event in August 2011 featured over 70 street artists from all over the globe, transforming an urban landscape into an outdoor art show. Images from the infamous Nelson Street which transformed an abortion of modern architecture into a spray street spectacular.

You will see a lot of the Bristol based crews inside but also there's: 
Tatscru from NYC
Kashink from Paris
El Mac from LA
Mr Wany from Italy
and much more...

Open the cover and let's take a trip within...

And it's just £7.50, so sheez... what yeh waiting for?

Slap on symbol below for more.

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