Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Off The Wall

Paint and High Heel Art With Deb

We first heard about this artist through our connections with an Ivory Coast Gallery in Australia called 19 Karen. She put on a wicked show for them but for us it was so difficult to track her down. After months of following leads we finally met up with the talented Deb.

This is how it went...

RDC: Hey Deb yeha finally we meet, could we kick it off by asking where you're from and where you live now please? 

I am from Melbourne and currently living in Sydney.

RDC: Tell us how you started graffing. Was it a tag that kicked your graffiti off and describe your style- are you a self-taught artist? 

I started off doing fine art, which is very important to me still.. I fell into the graffiti, street art culture after I finished school, it was something I was always interested in but being a girl, was a little harder to get into as I had a lot of discouragement from the boys but soon got over that... I nearly gave up when I first started using a can as I found it really hard, but when I got the hang of it I started painting a lot and then started getting a lot of painting jobs too. Now I’m 32 I’ve turned art into my career, but still look forward when I have time, for painting just for fun.

RDC: Your pinup girl style is very alluring, where did your inspiration for that come from? 

My love for all things vintage and love for Pinup art, it’s still a mix of these inspirations but in my own style.

RDC: Your spray brand preference is? 

Molotow, but I also like Ironlac and Montana.They’re all good though, will use anything if it’s just to paint for fun. 

RDC: Could you describe your studio for us, is it a clean, crisp, and tidy place or a bit messy, full on, and takes a while to find what you want? 

Ha ha, is any artist studio very clean? Its very big. Its above a shop called Westside connections in Dulwich hill in Sydney’s inner west.
There’s lots of space and it’s good for working on large works. When I am working small or designing from my computer I like to work from home so I can roll out of bed and get to work.


RDC: Fav mode of transport and give us the low down on what you're sitting in, or riding?
 I left my car in Melbourne, as I like to be able to drive when I go work over there... So it’s too hard to have the car in both states, and Sydney is Cr#p for parking so I just catch trains and buses every where...The transport in Sydney is good so I don’t mind it. It’s good time to think and get ideas for new art rolling in my mind. 

RDC: What other cities in the world do you like painting in? 

Anywhere! I have done some painting in a couple of other countries, mainly the States, LA and NY. But next year I plan to travel and paint more.
I’m looking forward to travelling to Europe as many different countries as possible.. especially Belgium, Berlin, Spain, Morocco. I’d really like to explore North and South America as I’ve never been and also to go revisit Japan. Of course traveling is endless right? 

RDC: Dog or cat girl? 

Both, and fish and birds and bugs and reptiles. I like all creatures. One day, I’d like to have an abundance of creatures in my home. I’d really like to get a cocka- tiel though, they are super cute. 

RDC: Do you always spray in stilettos? 

Nope.. usually whatever goes at the time and the event or situation, definitely not somewhere that required a lot of walking or running..
But if I paint in a club or at a party or an event.. sure why not.. many other girls will be wearing them too, so why not, I’m just painting. Cardboard over a milk crate will fix falling through. :) 

RDC: Run down what dates you have coming up in the future please.

I have a bunch of art work being displayed in different parts of an art event called “Outpost” it is one of the biggest art exhibition in the southern Hemisphere, in November, on Cockatoo island, Sydney. There are always group exhibitions happening as well as commercial jobs. I also spend a lot of time designing and selling T-shirts and other stock with my designs around the place. As for solo exhibits I will be building up a big collection for around about March, April next year and have a traveling show around the country. After that I will be more focused on international projects. 

RDC: Last words? 

Umm, Err not sure, Don’t have too many red jelly beans they’ll make you hypo? 

 Ha ha, it was great to finally meet you Deb... Thanks

Go see Deb's site for more... Here

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