Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Off The Wall

Meet Cath Love
Her Art = Fast Food Frenzy, With A Devilish Twist

Catherine's work is full of greasy food delicacies, battered beauties, a sprinkle of  humour and some finger lickin goodness. All unwrapped on greaseproof paper to delight your eyes and taste buds.
In short, a fast food frenzy, with a devilish twist.

RDC: Hey Cath, could you tell us where you're from and where you live now please?

 I'm from Hong Kong and I also live here in London, UK.

RDC: What media are you into?

I like doing digital work involving vector graphics, but I also paint on canvases and do plenty of
drawings in sketchbooks. Right now I find it relaxing to do sketches and line drawings, so... I'm sticking with that for the moment.

RDC: Are you a self taught artist and what or who made you decide to take it on as a career?

I actually studied graphic design in Australia, so I guess in terms of painting and drawing I'm self-taught. Since I was a kid, I've enjoyed drawing and painting, so it's what lead me to chose it as a career. I can work in any field of visual expression I suppose, as long as it's creative and allows me to manifest my talent. Currently I'm working as a graphic designer, when I get some spare time I'll paint :)

RDC: Graphic design seems to feature a lot in your work, you have designed album covers - for Erik Hassle for instance. Give us a rundown on other exciting commissions you've had over the years?

Oh gee, I have made an illustration for Nike that will be printed on their t shirts, painted a large canvas featuring 90's hip hop artists for Reggie Yates, painted a small mural for Selfridges to promote their new collection of African American Barbies....

RDC: You designed a surf board graphic, are you a surfer?

I'm more of an internet surfer lol.

RDC: Would you rather be travelling around the hood or travelling the world?

Travelling around the world yo! I know I add a little hood into my art, but I'd like to think of myself as a refined urban explorer around the world, hehe. When I get the funds and time that is!

RDC: We understand you do a bit of street graffin as well, when did you take up the can and have you bombed other cities besides London?

Oh man, I only painted once in the UK and that was in Brighton with Aroe and Pest Fiver. I have painted mostly in Hong Kong and Australia, but also Switzerland and New Zealand.

RDC: Tell us about your fixation with fast food and curvy ladies?

Curvy ladies are always fun to draw, hence their popularity in my work. Fast food, well, I just like fast food! Gatdamn! However, I can't have too much of it anymore, since my internal system's changed. I eat healthier now, so maybe we'll see more features of veggie burgers in my art? hehe!
I guess I liked to use fast food as a focal point, because it's somewhat taboo. Like, oh it's bad for you, but shit it's so good! Perverse isn't it?

RDC: Have you been experimenting with any new designs or themes recently?

Hmm, well for a while I abandoned drawing curvy ladies, but lately I've gotten back into it. Now that I live in HK, I like to use elements of it in my art, so that it has a soft oriental touch and contains some of its humor.

RDC: What shows or projects have you got coming up Cath?

Right now I'm too tied up with full time graphic design work. However, I may have a little exhibition coming up in November at Rat's Cave, a small gallery/store in Hong Kong.

RDC: Would you like to 'shout-out' to anyone?

To my mom and dad and to anyone who's inspired and influenced me!

RDC: Cath it's been great to meet you, 'all the best' from all of us at The Collective

Wanna see more of Cath Love's work, go... Here

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