Saturday, 22 October 2011

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Abby at Derby Uni Studios

It's really great having connections with a university and as you know, we have friends at Derby University, in the UK. Their facilities are so cool and some great work is coming out of the Arts Department. 

After doing a photoshoot and review of a book called 'Pulled'* not so long ago, we have been venturing back to the screen print studios to do a catch up on the student's work.
A lot of them have never pulled a squeegee before, people like, first year student Abigail Gray is one of those learning the finer points.

The assignment was to design a Launderette/Laundromat print, using 3 colours grey, black and orange to build up the final piece. The above picture demonstrates the steps of how to achieve this.

Here's how Abby got on,

 Initial rough sketches

 First pull with black.

 Then orange.

 draw it forward over the screen to lay a foundation of paint...

 Then pull back on the squeegee hard, forcing the paint through the screen.

The orange result

The finished product with 3 coloured layers, black, grey and orange. Neat!

    The battle-scarred squeegee.

Nice work Abs... The Collective☋

For a review of the ace screen print book called 'Pulled' go... Here

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