Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hang Outs... Victoria, Australia

Lite works
FRIDAY 14th October

STABS steps in off the street for his debut solo show 'Lite works' at
Backwoods Gallery in October.
With a decade of stencil based street activity in Melbourne and abroad Stabs has held up to be one of Melbourne's most infamous street artists.
Stabs holds an attention to detail that commands respect, often dedicating a solid weeks work into the cutting of a single stencil alone. This committed work ethic along with his unique characters has gained him recognition and placed him amongst Australia's leading street artists.
Working out of Everfresh studio Stabs has developed his manic characters along with a paint and print practice that has multiple textures, diverse applications and embraces an ephemeral quality where by time and nature add to a desired street aesthetic.

Rear of Side Ally,
25 Easey St,

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