Monday, 3 October 2011

Keepin Up With... Dave The Chimp

Well well - wrote this about three weeks ago, but only just got around to taking the photos off my camera. So old news, but good news!


 So, Friday was the opening of the exhibition of our art residency blah-blah Natas Kaupas made a lecture during the residency, and the curator of the project kept telling me "Natas likes the project so much he's coming back for the opening" yeah yeah. what-ev-ahhh. So at the opening I'm asked "Did you see Natas?" of course I didn't, why the hell would someone fly half-way across the world for an exhibition opening!?!? 
The next day the sun shone so we went to skate the bowl I built, as my friend East Eric was visiting and had yet to split his trousers (something he does every time he skates). About an hour or so into the session and up strolls Natas, all smiles like he's just passing by the beach! We skated with Natas Kaupas!!! Here's a photo of him doing what he does, on what I do! Yeah! He slammed pretty hard a few times, and I was a little worried I might be held responsible for killing a legend, but he survived the wobbly lip. When the light started to fade, Natas, Eric, my friend Pete and me went to eat, then cycled across town to Pete's house so he could tattoo one of my one-line drawings on Eric at the kitchen table. Then we drank shots of some dirty brown stuff, smoked some green stuff, then headed back out into the night to drink beer back at the bowl with the locals. 

Just another Saturday night! 

Greetings from Berlin 

P.s. Natas photo by Wulf @ Mischief Skateboards 

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