Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lockdown Aftermath...

Westfield Centre, Derby...
Part 2: Goin Off

Things picked up at about 7.30pm as the Relentless Energy Drink started to flow, most people were well up for a good time, let the rush begin.

Two Seasons were at full pelt most of the night with their timed balance board challenge. The idea was to stay on without the board touching down as long as you could. First prize (6mins 50secs) won a classy longboard and to those who gave it a go, loads of goody bags.

Chickens, people in plastic bags and guys who re-aligned their gentlemen vegetables all got on the line, some did better than others. 

Ash... thirsty but can't sit-down.

Aahh, that's better!

Dizzi, upside down and outside M&S

Grab a straw...

and drink up, Relentless goes down at any angle!

A rooster, nearly fell fowl...

Sarah shows us how it's done.

RD... zing shouda wore me sneekers.

Chickens wanna have fun too!

Two Seasons, timing on the balance board

Sweating buckets, but plastic means less wind resistance which means better technical skill... apparently?


Ouch, I'll give that another go (said in a very high pitched voice).

That's what were talking about!

Dizzi feelin a bit dizzy..

Ben from 2S on the run from the line man.

Inflatible Relentless Tin, where did that come from?


Look out for the 3rd and final post, which will include some video footage - out during the coming week.

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