Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lockdown Aftermath... Finale

During the event we also did a photo shoot for Relentless Energy Drinks. They kindly supplied The Collective with a few crates of the liquid refreshment to give away to an appreciative and thirsty crowd.
To conclude, a great night had been enjoyed by all; as far as we know. With far too many poultry jokes to recollect and even more good times to file away in our memories.

We would like to thank:
Two Seasons, Derby for asking us to get the Slackliners together for the night.

Tri-Sport for getting the lines, pros and crew together.

Relentless Energy Drinks for keeping us topped up with the all important Go Juice.

Westfield Shopping Centre and Zoe for having (yet again) an open mind and letting us put on something different for the students!

Maverick Industries for help along the way.

And finally to all who attended, thanks and may the force of the line be with you 

 a mix of Tri-Sport and Collective shots in this post

Two Seasons, Derby... Here
Tri-Sport... Here
Relentless Energy Drinks... Here
Westfield Shopping Centre... Here
Maverick Industies... Here

Sorry due to technical  difficulties we are unable to include video footage of the event on this post.

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