Monday, 17 October 2011

Off The Shelf

Documenting Street Art and Graffiti 

Issue 16

We finally got our mucky hands on the latest copy. Hallelujah!

With Invader hitting the cover and one of the main protagonists in this issue, one can look forward to an extensive interview with the man himself. What we picked up on straight away is that he has a waffle maker in the shape of his distinctive Invader logo (ace, where can we get one from?) and admits in his younger years to owning an Atari 2600 video games system which has influenced his unmistakable style.

A closer look at the contents page reveals:
Trusto Corp, puts in an appearance with their thought provoking signage and packaging bombs.
Kid Zoom, originally an Australian but now living in Brooklyn, NY. This artist, mentored by Ron English is now stepping up in a big way!
Matt Sewell, a friend of D*Face and a player in the early Street Scene in the UK.
Chu, a fine pedigree but prefers to be under the radar of the street art shit.
Cath Love, into greasy, sexy, girly, boozy art.
The Dead Sea Mob, with bad puns and constant references to pirates and swashbuckling.
Also shots from the streets of London, Paris and Melbourne... and more stuff that we even haven't touched on yet!

One of our favourite quotes from the mag goes like this:
"Mr Brainwash is like the guy in a marathon who jumps in at the last 100 yards, throws a number on his chest and declares himself the winner".
Trusto Corp

Ok, it's time to have a rummage...

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