Saturday, 23 July 2011

Off The Shelf

WARNING: The Art of Marc McKee
Authors: Winston Tseng and Marc McKee
Publisher: MBP

Back in the 1990s Marc McKee cornered the market for skateboard graphics. Doing illustrative designs for skate companies like World Industries, Blind, Almost and Darkstar.
Also illustrations for Hustler and Big Brother magazines, to name a couple.
He has been threatened with court action for using registered trade marks such as Burger King and The Church of Scientology. That didn't put Marc off though, in fact it fueled his ideas and made him stronger.

In the book is an ace insight into a great illustrator and graphic designer, a must for those who appreciate the more ostentatious things in life!

Let's go between the covers...

For a bit more pillow talk about the book, mouse on logo

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