Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Off The Shelf

Cement Eclipses
Small Interventions in a Big City
Author: Isaac Cordal
Publishers: Carpet Bombing Culture

"Little Grey Men Against the Machine"

Take some clay and mould it into human shapes. These shapes can be twisted, mournful, some times alone and full of remorse, others seem to be pondering the future, lost in thought but all the figures have a message to convey to the observer, these are Isaac Cordal's creations, street art situated in different cities throughout the world.

Ok, you may read the above and think what the hell are they on about, but believe us when we say "this is something different". The book is like watching the movie "Scott Pilgrim vs The World", it could turn out to be a cult thing...yeh know☋

Pictures sometimes speak louder than words, and this little title" Cement Eclipses" is screaming- I'M WORTH A LOOK!!

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