Saturday, 30 July 2011

Keepin Up With...Dave The Chimp

Concrete Bowl


spent the last week building a concrete bowl that I designed in the
heart of Kreuzberg with Radio pro Lennie Burmeister, members of the
Mischief Skateboards team, dudes from Search & Destroy skate shop, and
random locals. I guess it's a "skateable sculpture", and it's called "Papa und Ich".
we tried a new technique, building with blocks of polystyrene from the
recycling depot, pouring the concrete on top. There's a weight
restriction at the site we built it, due to a water tank underneath,
but we knew we wanted to build with concrete so Lennie had the polystyrene idea.
it's been raining non-stop since we finished building (which is
actually good for the concrete, chemical reactions and all that) but
we hope the sun will come out in the next few days as it needs to dry
so we can epoxy the edges so it doesn't get destroyed too quick under an onslaught of Indy's!
the bowl will be ready to skate on Friday 5th August, when we'll have
an opening party, and it will stay until the end of October, when it
will be smashed apart and dragged away.
book your flight to Berlin now!

photos of the construction here:

photos of the finished thing once it's finished...


RD: Also, check out the new vid from Bisar studios, it's wicked!!

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