Thursday, 14 July 2011

Off The Shelf

Architecture 10
Author: Tony Chapman
Publisher: Merrell

2010 Edition for your collection
Review of 2011 out soon.

As you know we are into "Architecture" in a big way!
Whether it be a great designed new build, or a crumbling classic oldie.

This is why this title caught our eye, an inventory of Buildings of the year, officially documented by the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Ok, it may sound a bit high brow, but it has some ace insight into some wicked buildings with information (not loads of text) and images to die for!

Inside...all different catagories are represented:
A year in Architecture
Conservation Awards
Client of the Year
Foundation School Award
Student Design
Housing Design Awards

Feel the call of the"tecture"and have a gander...

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