Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Off The Wall... Exclusive

AngryFace(Vomit): The Interview
Exclusive to the RDC

It seems everywhere you turn in the UK and beyond you are confronted by an Angry Face. We were sitting in a Starbucks miles from here, it was garbage collection day and as a commercial waste wheelie bin was moved out of an alleyway for emptying, low and behold an Angy Face paste-up stared back at us from it's dark hiding place. At that moment we decided to made it a goal in our lives to hook up with Vomit and find out what really turns his crank!

RDC: Hey Vomit, we can't ask the usual probing questions because the law are hot on your tail, so we will be suitably vague and not as probing as usual!

RDC: Give some information about yourself please-without giving the game away of course Dude?

I'm originally local to the Derby area but moved away for about 5 years, now I don't really have a base and prefer to stay out of Derby. I have an angry looking face for a logo/character. Its simplistic in design so easy to manipulate and change, which is a benefit when you draw it constantly. I didn't give it the name "Angry Face", it was how other people had described it when posting pictures they had taken on the internet. I hadn't really given it a name so just adopted it.

RDC: Tell us what media you use and what material you prefer please?

Painting with cans and rollers has been a staple since I began, can't beat it. I started making stickers years ago but all different, varying from hand styles, political messages, characters, just experimenting really. That was when the Angry Face came about. The stickers back then were very basic and not that great to be honest, I didn't produce as many as I do now either. Always loved stickers, loads of fun to draw and can carry a pocketful where ever you go.
Its only been in the last year or so I've done any paste ups. I had been going to Birmingham slapping up stickers and noticed loads of pastes around. I had seen paste ups in other cities but nothing like this, thought I would give it a go. Got the advantage of being quick to put up so won me over, I just look at them as big stickers.

All my stuff is hand drawn too, never been very good with computers.

RDC: Could you tell us how long you have been a graff artist and what started you off?

First picked up a can about 10 years ago and although its been constant I have changed what I do a lot. Started like most people just trying to get a name on the streets and learn how its done. The Angry Face began about 5 or 6 years ago although its only been the last couple of years I've concentrated on it.
I started noticing graff from an early age. I remember going on family excursions on the train and seeing all this graffiti on roof-tops, some of it 12ft tall and asking my mum "how did they do that?". I also went to France and Spain as a kid and was amazed by how much more graffiti there was. Probably the quietest car journeys for my parents because I was constantly looking for graffiti as we drove down the motorway. Even got some old blurry photos of graffiti I tried to take out the moving car window.
Finally got my hands on some paint when I was a bit older on another family holiday, this time to Holland. I got to look round this massive market on my own and found a stall selling spray paint. Ended up spending my holiday money on paint to take home.

RDC: You are relentless in your pursuit to get your name out there, what is your motivation?

I'm motivated by a few factors. Advertising being one, I hate the shit. Its forced upon us every minute of the day, at every available opportunity. I cant afford to rent bill boards to display my work and its annoying so much public space is privatised. My own little vendetta against society I guess.
I don't know if this next one is really positive motivation. Coming from a small city that hasn't got much of a graffiti scene it wasn't long before I upset the local authorities. They teamed up with the local newspaper and put out a reward for information on the few people who were active. That was enough for me, I buggered off. Didn't make me stop though, just had to travel to other towns/cities and check out their scenes. Ended up meeting new friends and visiting new places so I'm not complaining.
When you start traveling to all these new cities you see new graffiti and street art too, I just love it. You get addicted to it, same as any hobby your passionate about.

Big thanks to Bass Ape for the use of this shot

RDC: Have you added a bit of colour in the mix recently?

Always tried to keep it colourful, especially with the painting and if it isn't colourful then I was probably skint and just using what ever I could get my hands on. Same goes for making stickers, if I decide I fancy a trip and I'm running low I have to bulk make some quick time. That can result in using less colours and simplifying designs.

RDC: We have noticed that you get around the towns and cities of England quite a lot, what is your favourite mode of transport for these excursions and what place do you feel most comfortable to bomb?

I'm lucky to have friends living all round the country so I just go for a visit when I can. Traveling methods vary, depends what's the cheapest; bus, train or if I can blag a lift with a mate I will. Not so long ago I hitch-hiked into Sheffield from the outskirts, that was a laugh.
Feel comfortable in most places really, I always have a rough idea of where I want to go before I get there. Other than that I just have a hunt around for somewhere that looks suitable.

RDC: No doubt you have had some close calls with the police etc... do any close shaves spring to mind?

Had a couple of foot chases in the past but nothing more than that. Not that exciting really.

RDC: Would you like to big up anyone?

Yeah man, got to mention LiskBot and Tempo33, both hard hitters.
All of BS and DF, keeping it fresh.

RDC: Thanks so much for chattin with us dude, we have finally put to rest our ghost that is Vomit. All the best and keep up the pursuit of Angry Face domination me friend... laters


  1. Great read. One of, if not my fav street artist. inspirational

  2. Thanks for your comments Gully. Yes he has a well cool style!!