Sunday, 17 June 2012

Factory Fresh

RDC Crew and Fiona 
Checkin out the Factory that Jack Built...or Summit 

Photo courtesy of Fiona Milne

Part 1

Plenty of pigeon shit in an abandoned factory is always a good sign of neglect and lack of maintenance and this one had shed loads!

After we had our chat with Fiona and finished the view, she showed us around the multi-story building that we met up in. We were glad Fiona knew her way around and after following her lead through a labyrinth of empty rooms, empty that is apart from the wicked spray work, textures of peeling paint, mosaics of smashed windows and petrified bird bodies.

After meeting numerous people with the same Urbex intentions, it became obvious to us that this was more like an museum than just an empty space. (OK, not a museum in an institutional/traditional sense but in an ever evolving space of interest).

 Lets call it an Urbexeum... ha, new word for yeh!

See what we saw in one of Sheffield, UK's many Urbexeums ...


The pic above didn't become obvious to us until we took a shot and looked at the image through the view finder, staggering... and for real!!

See what started it all... HERE

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