Sunday, 3 June 2012

Factory Fresh

House Hunting

Some of the Crew came across an old estate house in the woods. 

Not much to spray paint on but some ace textures and lighting. This building has been empty for many years and with a fire that undermined the structure 10 years ago, you can imagine the unpredictable state this building was in. We gained access through a basement window and had to edge our way through the darkness until a shaft of light guided us into the court yard where we emerged in the centre of the house. It was very unstable inside and in some instances 4 metres of wall was being supported by a
stone balanced on a rotten beam and a chunk of mortar (no lie, it was well dodgy).

Having said that, it was worth the risk...dang, where is that hard hat?

Good design doesn't date. 
Harry Seidler 

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