Monday, 25 June 2012

Hang Outs... Maryland

"Outside In"
Two Man Show Featuring
Aaron Jasinski & Bryan Collins

From June 23rd 2012 
Ends August 11 2012

Outside vs Inside. 
We experience things quite differently depending on if we are observing them or a part of them. Viewing a challenge, such as attending college or approaching an attractive person, can seem like a big, intimidating thing. By the time you are in your 2nd or 3rd year of college or have become good friends with that good looking person, the previously daunting situation no longer feels so menacing.

Further, there are some who find solace in living as outsiders and prefer to rarely engage in socially inclusive circumstances. Punk rockers, anarchists, artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, bookworms, and video gamers are just a few examples of chosen lives and identities that comfort those who prefer the outsider lifestyle. This exhibit seeks to tell some of these stories in the whimsical fashion that Aaron Jasinski and Bryan Collins are known for.

Art Whino Gallery
120 American Way
National Harbor, MD 20745

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