Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gettin to Know... AD

From Drawing to umm....Drawing Boards!

RDC: Meet AD who lives in Brighton, UK. 
He owns a skate company called 'Drawing Boards' and for many years has been designing boards,  badges, stickers and clothing. When some spare time comes along AD can be found at skate parks, not just for the skate but also for the paint.

A self taught artist, thanks to the lack of TV as a youngster, illustration was his entertainment and AD would draw himself to sleep of an evening. School books were always a good source of practice material and they would be liberally covered to the disdain of the teaching staff.
(We all agreed that the cover and the first page of our school work books were ace to draw on as a child... sorry that was an over-share on our part).

What's he got coming up: a skate DV due to drop this year!

AD takes over the commentary on his work below...
Flowerbird... stoked on this one had a 4 hour slot at work so I painted this bird flower it's 6 foot high.

Lochness, this is a ramp at Skaterham -  Nice sunny days are best for painting...

Faces .. Drew this one during the riots when I lived in Croydon ... As you can see I was feeling a range of emotions.

 Pencil Bird

Penciladocus These are based on a series of stickers I did for drawing boards .... Wanted to do them on a bigger scale ... The Penciladocus is 24 foot long

 Pencil Elephant

 Totem .... Been doing these for ages ... This ones probably my favourite.

 Crowded wall... been drawing these dudes for over 10 years now on t shirts, walls, badges, stickers,  canvases and skateboards.

 All artwork is for sale... HERE
 If you are in Brighton, UK and want to buy/view AD's work over a coffee, go ... HERE

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