Friday, 17 February 2012

Street Shots

Fotos From the Factory Floor

The Collective Team managed to track down a derelict building over the last week and decided to give it a spray.

Finally with the  weather warming up again, our cans were beginning to work (still not quite warm enough yet though, we went through loads of clogged up caps) so it was worth a climb inside.
This very cool space was perfect but we weren't the first ones here, it was obvious that the skaters had beaten us to it and slammed up some ace rampage.

As the old adage goes 'one persons junk is another persons mini-ramp' and this was street skating at it's best, so to continue on the street theme the Collective decided to do some decorating of our own and this is how it went down...

No Clownin now... ahh go on then!

We were well amped about the ramps-they were screwed down and everythin!

Danny KJ, getting to grips

Urban Diction:
This is a phrase that hails from the heart of Georgia.
It is use to describe something that is SO obvious.

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