Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Skate Shop... Nottingham, UK

We were a bit shocked when we poked our head around the door of the new Notts skate shop Forty Two, to find the owner was a friend of our's from way back, Rob J. 

Rob Johnson and Scott Underdown started up this shop as a join venture only a few months ago, but have already made a name for itself on the on the high street of this cosmo-city.

With products from some of our favourite skate companies like Girl, Chocolate, enjoi, Alien Workshop, Blueprint and tons more. It looks like it's worth a call-in to see what's on offer...

Also, there is a lot of good Top Secret stuff goin down, but don't tell um we told yeh right...

Click on the pic below for more info...

Forty Two
19 Victoria Street


  1. I keep money for a very amazing skate I found in an online shop but it keeps me frustrated thinking the fact that I might get scammed and not receive the product. So I decided to buy on shop even though it isn't cheap right.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Rick...

    We understand your worries about on-line purchases. If you can find a company that has been around for a while or contact the skateboard manufacturer directly, they should be able to recommend some websites or distributers that have a good reputation.

    A lot of people buy on-line and have to problems

    We hope that helps.

    The Collective Team

  3. Hey thanks for the review. Stoked.


  4. Hey thanks for the review. Stoked.


  5. Your shop is looking nice that shows you have lot of skateboards


  6. Your skateboard shop is one of neat skateboard shop and it have lot of collection of skateboard