Sunday, 5 February 2012

Street Shots

Catchin Up With Fauna and Rocket
Sheffield, UK Bound... Part 2

Fauna Graphic and Rocket gave us a shout a couple of weeks ago to ask if the Collective Team would like to check up on some spots they had been working on over the last few months. And of course we didn't have be asked twice, we climbed into our tatties and armed our bags with a few cameras and cans.
Then we hit the transport to Sheffield...
Meeting at their studio, with a cup off coffee and chat later we found ourselves clambering into a multi-storied building which had been abandoned for sometime. It was out of the cold blast of wind and rain which is the UK winter and had a combo of cozy yet eerie feeling to it's derelict interior. 
It had some ace wall space to bomb and while Rocket and Fauna were unpacking cans and caps we had a wander around and this is what we saw...

RDC: Another post to come - but we venture outside... so keep your orbs on standby.

Phlegm had bombed the joint... below.

The place needs a light dust and vacuum...

We then found Kid Acne had hit the dance floor, stage and bar...

Fauna lookin for spots...

Look at Part 1... HERE

Action is the real measure of intelligence.
Napoleon Hill

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